Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine

I met you by mistake in parties end hours
Just in front the subterranean passage where I parked my U.F.O
Laying down in beer belches and pretzels
You were trying to ask for a light from a dachshund
But when I saw you walk beside your rangers
Right in the middle of a mental eclipse and wetting your diapers
I took my tissues and mercurochrome out

To put some color on your ghostly face

I remember your hideous laugh in the corridors
Your chimpanzee hands hanging on to the bar
And your rolled upwards eyes gazing upon the chaos
Your dulled skull eaten by your ego
I rewelded your jack together again, changed your transmitter
Reinjected gasoline into your circuits
Before you cleared off to the end of the night

Pogo dancing on the deadline
Cannibal rhapsody
Requiem galore
For the rest
Of evil in an animal's soul
That comes back to 0 level

Later I met you again as a tiresome garrulous
While you were involved in controversy, brothels' Mickey
I was dead seeing the admirers
Who were coming to inhale your ignominiousness vapours
Dragging your charisma from crooks to battles
Like a moldy wimpy on a scarecrow
You could mist over the sanest vision
With your obscene hyena breath and black hatred

And then you broke up with all mirrors
That could have moved you with a translent flash
And you died old cockroach without searching for an alibi
Just reeking of the snout of the heart and of the gills
But you've been trapped you shiny reptile
Under your viscous mask of useless creep
You were forgetting that tourists need timorous persons
Not to feel alone when they are slobbery

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