Johnny Hallyday

I was sitting in a corner not knowing what to do
Just coming my hair and tying my shoes
When along came a chick she said don't be a square
There's a new dance out that I want you to hear
Called the move

She said
It's such an easy dance oh oh yeah
The kind of thing to know oh oh yeah
You got to move a little left oh oh yeah
You (?) in a single (?) oh yeah
And I stood there in the corner tying your shoes
Active like a square nothing to do
When all you got to do it's the move

Move move oh yeah

Now you can stand out straight oh oh yeah
Or you can hunch your back oh oh yeah
Well you can jackpot along
And shake your sacroiliac oh oh yeah
Well you can shear me to the front
Shear me to the rear
All you gotta do is put your body in gear
And then you're about to do the move

Move oh oh move oh oh yeah

Well now that you can move oh yeah
You don't need me no more oh no
So I'm gonna leave you oh oh yeah
I'm going on the true oh oh yeah
And find me people like you
Who don't know that to do
Sitting in the corner just tying their shoes
And choose them out to do the move

Oh oh yeah

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