Joe Dassin

Jump in with my gal, sit right here in the city
Don't you know that it was grand, really grand?
And then she came along, then she came along, boy
And sang a groovy song, sang a song and I asked:

"Sister Whatchacall'um, whatcha doin' tonight?
I hope you're in the mood because I'm feelin' just right
How about a corner with a table for two
Where the music's mellow for some gay rendezvous
There's no chance romancin' with a blue attitude
D'you know you got to do some dancin' to get in the mood!

"Sister Whatchacall'um, I'm indebted to you
Ye see, it goes to show what good influence can do
I never felt so happy or so fully alive
We got a jam a-jumpin' it's a powerful jive
Swingin' you is givin' me a new attitude
My heart is full of rhythm and I'm in the mood!"

I'm in the mood (oh boy) be mine forever
In the groove (that boy) and leave me never
I'm in the mood (oh joy) I'm gonna crazy
You know it won't be long before you're in the mood!

So don't be rude, I love you madly
It's up to you, I'll take you gladly
Love is blind, I'm really crazy
It didn't take me long to say I'm in the mood!

Do ba do ba do ba bop boo da da day
Badam da da-n do da-n do day
Say who's that gal with the beautiful eyes
'N' look close at those lips, I'd try 'em for size
Hey, swing with me
What a wing it'd be
May I intrude?
It's time to dance and I'm in the mood!

Oh hold me darling, let's dance
What a dreamy romance
It's a quarter to three
There's a mess o'that moon
Let's share it with me
You know I think it's rude
To keep me this way when I'm in the mood!
I'm in the mood, in the groove
In the mood, hey, hey, hey

Hey! Man, oh man, wow!
Like you really got me lookin'
Oh, and you really got me cookin', oh!

My heart was here, my brain was clear
I said c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
I'm hot now (oh boy) I love you madly
Right now (oh boy) I'll take you gladly
Take now (oh boy) I'll be in and now I'm really in the mood, boy!

Ho, right now!
Right now!
Takin' me right now!
Why don't we go somewhere and smooch, guy?

It's got to be right now!
It's gotta be right now!
It's got to be right now!
I'm only sayin' that it didn't take me long
Didn't take me long, didn't take me long to say I'm in the mood
Your flat foot floozy wants a good boy!

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