With time
With time goes

One forgets the face
And the voice
The heart when its
Built up should not look
Too far into the
Grief of departure
When it doesn't go
Well let it be and
It's quite good
The one one adored
Whom one
With time
With time goes
Everything goes

Looked for in the rain.
That one guessed at
The blink of an eye

Between the words,
Between the lines

And under the makeup
Of an oath made up that

Goes to make its night
With time everything
Becomes dim

With time, with time
Goes everything there goes

Even the excellent
Memories have an ugly face
I search the crowd in
The lumination of
Death on Saturday night,

When tenderness goes
By itself.

The other in whom one
With time
With time goes

For a cold for a
Nothing the other to
Whom one gave hot air
And jewels

For whom one would
Have sold his soul
For small change in
Front of

Whom one would have
Hung around like dogs

Hang around

With time goes all
Goes well
With time with time
Goes everything goes

One forgets the

One forgets the voice
That speaks to you

Late "above all
Don't catch cold"
With time

The words of poor
People "don't come
Home too late

One feels pallid
Like an exhausted horse
One feels ice in an
Occasional bed one
Feels alone and
Beaten by
The lost years but
It's an easy task
Because truly with time
We don't love more.

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